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Global Industry Committee,


All, if your name is on this list as a committee member,
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Global_Industry_Committee then you should be
participating in these calls.  Understanding that life and real work often
gets in the way, if you cannot make the call, please let the group know in


I am only bringing this up because 15 minutes into the call, the only
attendees were Sarah Baso, Kelly Santalucia, and me.  Lorna and Sherif did
join, as did Jerry Hoff, and for that we are grateful.


If the time no longer works for the group, then there should be a proposal
to pick a new time.  If I recall correctly, this time was discussed and
approved by the group as a whole as an appropriate one to schedule the


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All -
Here are the minutes from the Global Industry Committee call today:

We will be having our next call in 2 weeks: on Thursday, 30 June, 2011 at
16:00 (4:00 pm) GMT/UTC.  Dial in: +1-866-534-4754, code: 69277. 

Rex Booth, Lorna Alamri and I are putting together documentation/notes from
the Industry Outreach sessions that occured at AppSec EU last week in
Dublin.  On the next call discussion will be focused on whether the GIC
wants to move forward with outreach sessions at OWASP AppSec USA in
Minneapolis Sept. 22-23.  I received some important feedback at AppSec EU
that it was confusing to conference attendees whether the GIC outreach
sessions were a separate track and how they "fit" into the overall structure
of the conference.  We need to make this clear as well as engage in more
marketing before the sessions as a starting point to ensure success at OWASP
AppSec USA.  Please think about this before the next call so we can engage
in discussion and come up with a plan for moving forward.

Best Regards,
Sarah Baso

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