[Global_industry_committee] Transition of Sarah from the GIC / potential new roles within the GIC - input requested

Rex Booth rex.booth at owasp.org
Sun Jul 24 21:28:27 EDT 2011


I want to let you know that Sarah will be ending her support role within 
the GIC.  She, Kate and I have discussed this and mutually concluded 
that the GIC simply was not making the best use of Sarah's time and, 
accordingly, not getting a reasonable return on our investment.  We 
jointly decided that her time was better spent elsewhere within OWASP.

If anybody has any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Going forward, the GIC will obviously be responsible for all of our own 
administrative tasks.  Given the size of our committee, this shouldn't 
be a problem.  If the committee agrees, I'd like to create a few roles 
in addition to the chair position that would help distribute various 
responsibilities throughout our membership.

Please let me know if you think the creation of these roles would be of 


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