[Global_industry_committee] GIC representation at AppSec conferences

Rex Booth rex.booth at owasp.org
Thu Jul 21 13:03:05 EDT 2011


As you know, part of our plan to maximize outreach to industry is to 
have a representative of the GIC at all major AppSec conferences.  The 
good news is that it looks like we already have coverage for each of the 
AppSec conferences remaining this year (see below).

During next week's conference call, I'd like to discuss the specific 
goals and activities for GIC representatives at AppSec conferences.  
Aspects of this discussion may include:

    * Advance coordination the with conference planning committee
    * Expected interaction with industry representatives during the
    * Leading a GIC break-out session
    * Coordinating the CISO survey for any applicable attendees
    * Level of effort / number of GIC representatives needed at each
      conference to accomplish our goals
    * Post-conference output

I'll capture all of this in an agenda provided prior to our meeting, but 
I want to send this email well in advance so we can give the topic some 
thought in the meantime.


AppSec Conference




GIC Attendees



Sept. 20, 2011 - Sept. 23, 2011


Lorna Alamri, Eoin Keary, Colin Watson



Oct. 4, 2011 - Oct. 7, 2011


Mauro Flores



Nov. 8, 2011 - Nov. 11, 2011


Marco Morana

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