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Thanks for sharing. I also shared this report with the senior management at
my company since CIOs in general pay attention to Forrester and Gartner say.
>From that perspective, this reference is a good PR for OWASP in general.


Specifically, it is also good for OWASP to be referenced by Forrester as
organization like SANS that can help" to hammer out a set of certification
requirements and work with vendors to ensure that proper verification of the
requirements can take place".


I know OWASP produced the contract annex for contracting clauses with
vendors and ASVS to be used for requirements for security verification and
in procurement of security services with third parties like mentioned here.


Maybe this is an opportunity to take the "bait" and point Forrester more
specifically to ASVS? 


On the other hand does SANS has ? similar resources related to " set of
certification requirements" to work with vendors to ensure that proper




Marco Morana

OWASP Cincinnati 

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