[Global_industry_committee] UK e-Crime Reduction Partnership Mapping Survey

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Fri Jan 7 05:07:49 EST 2011

There's a survey being run by Cardiff University Centre for Crime, Law
& Justice that forms part of the "scoping" exercise for the proposed
e-Crime Reduction Partnership. They are seeking responses (one per
organisation) from those affected by, or responsible for dealing with,
e-crime.  Do you think OWASP should respond?

   "Context of the study
   There is cross-party support for the creation of an eCrime
Reduction Partnership which will include
   Government (including law enforcement), industry, Parliament
(across party) and "Civil Society"
   representatives. There is partial data on the impact of e-Crime on
victims (individual and business),
   but little on how government, law enforcement and industry are
organised to respond."

   "Who should complete the survey?
   Organisations dealing with Information Assurance/Security and
eCrime in the UK (including industry
   groups, criminal justice agencies, security services, private
sector corporations, professional bodies,
   Government departments etc.). We are seeking one response from a
senior member of staff with an
   in-depth knowledge of their organisation and some knowledge of the
UK eCrime problem."

Questions include...

   7. From the perspective of your organisation, generally how much of
a problem are the following eCrimes in the UK?
   a. Malware attacks (e.g. viruses, worms, trojans etc.) 					
   b. Denial of Service attacks 					
   c. Systems Hacking (e.g. outsider penetration into networks)

  10.  From the perspective of your organisation, to what extent is
the UK's Critical National Infrastructure under threat from electronic


I'm happy to lead if required, and could involve the UK chapters.  I'm
checking on the closing date...


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