[Global_industry_committee] anyone care to review this "OWASP Survey" document/template

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Can you forward the specific survey objectives?  I don't have a good idea of
the outcomes that you expect, and so I can't evaluate whether these are the
right questions.


The kinds of questions a survey author should create are based on two
things: the objectives of the survey and the information to be collected.
Know kinds of information needed then turn those research objectives into a
set of "information requirements." From here, one can create questions that
will produce that information (Brace 2004, 11-12). An accurate survey is one
where the questions collect the data in a reliable and valid way.





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Subject: anyone care to review this "OWASP Survey" document/template


David and myself put this together.


Would appreciate your views on the questions and also the type of data the
questions will yield.

Was to be done with ISC2 partnership but not sure about this.


I believe an e-survey would suit best, such this is a template.


This should be driven by the industry committee in terms of delivery but
needs some board approval, stringent review and overall agrrment on the
objective and content.



Happy to discuss at summit.

Eoin Keary
OWASP Global Board Member
OWASP Code Review Guide Lead Author

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