[Global_industry_committee] [Owasp-board] GIC Chair

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Feb 16 10:49:19 EST 2011

> Jim,
> You didn't do anything wrong.  Our process in this area is ill defined and
> we need to work on that.  I'm not a judge nor jury but as far as I can tell
> you didn't break any "rules".  Sounds to me that all is in order.

Cool, thanks Mark!

> My objection was more that the merging of industry and the connections
> committee wasn't widely discussed (note, there is NOTHING that currently
> defines how committees are established/decommissioned so there are no rules
> to break), however you've since backed off that approach.

I totally agree that this was a error in judgment and that I should have
talked this over before leaping to a decision. At least I recovered
fast. ;)

Again, my apologies to everyone.

Please understand that this was not my idea nor was it even something
that I initiated. I was just "going with the flow" with a board member
(whom I respect) who suggested this idea. This was not malice, it was a

Moving on I hope. Back to solution oriented thinking!

Aloha (from Helsinki),

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