[Global_industry_committee] New Work in Progress item for DOJ

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Mon Oct 18 05:35:49 EDT 2010

> [Lorna] Alex and I divided the questions in half.  We also discussed determining
> which questions we would comment on and which ones we should not comment on.
> Colin can you help me with the 1st 3 questions since you are familiar with
> the W3C guidelines?

I've had a look through the Action Items in your very helpful project
document.  Maybe we only need to respond to half-a-dozen or so of the
19 questions which are most relevant to security as you suggest.

> [Alex] I added a Work In Progress item to the main GIC page for the response we are
> currently working on for the DOJ. The Work In Progress item links to:
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Industry:DOJ_Nondiscrimination_on_the_Basis_of_Disability

I have added some links onto this page for other the resources
mentioned in other emails.

I have listed which questions I think are worth focusing on, and some
draft comments.  Does anyone have other suggestions?

For each response (to a question) we should also append that this is
an "official response on behalf of OWASP by the OWASP Global Industry
Committee".  We have examples of text elsewhere which can be used to
expand "about OWASP".


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