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Soi, Dhruv dhruv.soi at owasp.org
Wed May 5 14:30:45 EDT 2010

Greetings Colin,

Thanks for the invitation for this conference call. It would be 23:30hrs for
us due to time zone difference, but we can surely try to participate in the

IAB has been highly active till our last conference happened in Nov. 2009,
but since then everyone seems to be tired and engagaed. We are trying to
pull everyone back on the mission. Shall keep you posted on IAB activities
in very near future. If you wish, we can share the minutes of meeting from
our telecon happened in November last year.

Look forward to connect with you and GIC over the conference call.

Many Thanks,

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Dear Puneet and Dhruv

The Global Industry is having a conference call on the 18th May,


and I was wondering if you have any news about the IAB's activities.
I'd be happy to mention them or feel free to join the call at 18:00
hrs GMT.

Are there any past activities the IAB has undertaken we can highlight
on the GIC page, and attribute to the IAB?


Colin Watson
Global Industry Committee

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