[Global_industry_committee] GIC Chair for 2010/11

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Wed Aug 18 08:19:40 EDT 2010

Dear fellow committee members

As discussed during yesterday's conference call, I plan to step down
as GIC Chair at the end of October.  I am keen to continue my role
within the committee, but think it would be beneficial to change the
chair regularly.  What does the chair do?

- organise conference calls and ensure minutes are posted
- ensure the wiki page is updated with activities (might just be
chasing others!)
- reports to the board on activities (monthly)
- liaises with other committees (rarely)
- coordinates activities
- responsible for committee plan

There is no monetary reward and the committee's budget is nil (actual
spend nil too).

There doesn't seem to be a process to appoint committee chairs (I
think I took on the role by "popular acclaim"), so I would like to
propose one for the GIC.  If we only have one candidate, the process
will be easy and unbureaucratic.  However, if we have more than one
candidate, we need to make sure the process is fair.

My suggestion is that only current GIC members on the committee at the
voting date (e.g. 15 Sep) can stand, and that only current GIC members
at that date can vote.  Thus you can vote for yourself (or not).
Here's a draft:

18 Aug 2010 - invitation to all GIC members to discuss process (this email)
01 Sep 2010 - invitation for candidates (self nomination)
08 Sep 2010 - confirm process and dates
15 Sep 2010 - candidate nomination closes / rival candidates can
promote themselves
22 Sep 2010 - voting begins (by direct email to current chair?)
29 Sep 2010 - voting closes and new chair announced
01 Nov 2010 - new chair appointed

If there is only one candidate, they will become chair on 1 Nov 2010
without a vote.  If there are multiple candidates, each committee
member will be asked to vote for their preference using a Single
Transferable Vote system:


That gives us a couple of weeks to discuss the process if anyone has
any concerns, and to find out who would like to become chair.  Let me
know if you have any comments.

For other people who would like to become a committee member and
contribute to our efforts, the process is here:



Colin Watson
OWASP Global Industry Committee

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