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FYI, good opportunity to work with the Mozilla Foundation

Dinis Cruz

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Hi Dinis,

It was good meeting you a few weeks ago in Amsterdam.

When we met and talked a bit a Hack-In-The-Box Amsterdam we explored the
possibility of trying to connect web developers that are a part of OWASP
with the Mozilla Community for the benefit of both groups.   Web developers
getting having more input into the developement of the browser, and Mozilla
getting more help in setting priorities on features and the real needs of
web developers.

As part of that we thought that Bird-Of-A-Feather sessions and maybe
something at App Sec 2010 in LA might be a place to kick this off.

Do you think something is still possible?   We will have at least two people
attending and I've cc'ed them on this mail.   Michael Coates, who is going a
talk,  and Sid Stamm, who would like to do a talk on CSP if a 4th track or
some other opportunity opens up.


-Chris Hofmann
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