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We are in discussion with AusCERT to host an OWASP meeting, etc at
their conference (which has over 1000 attendees)  and they have sent
us their agreement.

While they have offered a discount to OWASP Individual Members, which
would encourage people to become OWASP Individual Members, I believe
OWASP can't support their requirement to "endorse" the conference.

Prior to negotiating this with AusCERT, I would like to know if the
GIC have any further concerns?

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Hi Christian, shown below is the formal email sent out to all the
endorsing associations. Rob has explained the deal  very well. If your
members register as Early Bird they’ll pay $1551 as opposed to $2046.
A discount of 24%. On the full normal price it works out at 18%, but
still worth having.

Attached is a promo for you to use.


You are invited to endorse AusCERT2010, the Asia Pacific Information
Technology Security Conference - an international conference focusing
on IT security; for CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and technical staff from
government agencies, universities and industry.

This will be the ninth AusCERT conference and will take place at RACV
Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It will
run from Sunday 16th – Wednesday 19th May 2010 followed by two days of
tutorials. The theme for 2010 is – Nothing Without Security. See

In return for your organisation’s endorsement of the AusCERT2010 IT
Security Conference we would like to offer your members a discount to
attend this event. It does not require any financial support on the
part of your organisation.

As an endorsing body of this event, you will receive the following benefits:

1.       Targeted promotion of your organisation to the Australian IT
and information security industries and industry knowledge that you
are associated with this major regional event.

Your logo on conference web site and in the conference handbook as an endorser.

The 4 or more registration fee for your members only. (A code,
10OWASP, must be given on registration for members to receive this
discount).  Please mark in related document that terms and conditions
apply for discount to prevent any misrepresentation.

A hyperlink to your website from our event portal –

One item of promotional literature may be placed in the delegate satchels.

AusCERT2010 would in return require from you:

Your logo in eps and jpeg format.

Presence on your website by listing of the event as 'endorsed by your
association’ in a prominent location, with a hyperlink to

Mention of the event in your e-newsletter.

Distribution of our email promo to your members.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to working with you again.

Regards Martin

AusCERT2010 Conference Organiser

Martin Lack FACS, FAIM
P: +61 7 3878 2974   F: +61 7 3378 9513
E: martin.lack at conferenceit.com.au    W: www.conferenceit.com.au
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Kate.hartmann at owasp.org; Martin Lack; Mark McPherson
Subject: RE: [Owasp-australia] AusCERT 2010 (AUSCERT#2010d84b4)

Hi Christian,

Mark has asked me to liaise with you regarding this issue - please see my

answers to your questions/comments inline.

I've also CC'd Martin Lack from ConferenceIT and he'll follow up with some

additional information.

> When would AusCERT/ConferenceIT need confirmation of our (i.e. OWASP)

> acceptance?

There is no hard deadline for acceptance from our end, but the earlier this

can be confirmed, the greater the value for OWASP members.

> Can you please clarify the following in relation to the various

> options:

> Option 1. Would it be possible to have a registration type desk to

> process OWASP membership registration and display the OWASP banner(s)?

Floor space is at a premium at the conference, so it is not possible to have

a registration desk, but you are welcome to set one up in your meeting room.

We are happy to display a reasonably sized OWASP banner (I'm assuming it is

the free standing, pull up style) at the entrance to the conference.

> Option 2. In relation to the 10% discount, is this pricing the same as

> the "Fee per delegate for 4 or more delegates (*)" or is this

> discounted a further 10%?

No, the discount is just on single registrations. But when I discussed this

with Martin, it appears to be quite a bit more than 10%.

ConferenceIT will need a way to be able to verify OWASP membership, can you

please liaise with Martin to sort this out.

> Can you please have ConferenceIT provide a quote for the catering

> (i.e. Option 1)?

Our standard catering package is provided, at no cost to OWASP.

> Would it be possible to include OWASP information (subject to your

> approval) in the swag distributed to other (i.e. not OWASP) delegates?

Yes, 1 brochure can be included. If you'd prefer to put this in digital form

on the USB thumb drive, that's another possibility (but size restrictions

apply - I think the maximum is about 10Mb).

Previously, we've had a reciprocal arrangement with OWASP for the Australian

OWASP conference. I haven't seen this advertised yet, will it be happening

again this year?




Robert Lowe, AusCERT2010 Program Committee

E: conf-speaker at auscert.org.au

P: +61 7 3365 4417

W: http://conference.auscert.org.au

> On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 10:52 PM, Mark McPherson <markm at uq.edu.au>

> wrote:

> > Hi All,

> >

> > Thank you for the enthusiastic responses and the pledges of

> assistance.

> >

> > We would indeed love to engage with OWASP in a similar capacity as we

> have

> > at past conferences.

> >

> > Please allow me to therefore quickly propose two fairly simple things

> we can

> > do:

> >

> > 1. That AusCERT host an OWASP meeting (with an invitation to all


> > conference delegates who are also OWASP members plus anyone else that


> > would care to invite from the delegates present) at the conference

> venue

> > starting at around 5:10pm on Monday night (the 17th of May 2010) and

> > finishing at around 5:50pm.  A closed door meeting room

> (seating around 50

> > guests) would be made available to you, along with 'standard AV'

> facilities

> > such as a data projector, podium mic and P.A.  Catering would have to

> be at

> > OWASP's expense and discretion*, but you should know that the

> conference

> > Sponsor cocktail party starts not long after this meeting adjourns.

> >

> > (*Please let us know if you would like to arrange catering for your

> > meeting so that our conference organisers ConferenceIT can make the

> > arrangements and organise to invoicie you)

> >

> > 2. That OWASP promote our conference through its mailing list to its

> members

> > offering a 10% discount on normal conference registration fees to


> > members.  We are of course able to provide promotional information

> for

> > emails/flyers etc as needed..

> >

> > Please let us know ASAP if OWASP is keen to accept either one or both

> of

> > these proposals... and we'll get the ball rolling.

> >

> > I look forward to working with OWASP and to seeing many of you at the

> > conference in May.

Christian Heinrich - http://www.owasp.org/index.php/user:cmlh
OWASP "Google Hacking" Project Lead - http://sn.im/owasp_google_hacking
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