[Global_industry_committee] Fwd: The Microsoft SDL Pro Network

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Thu Nov 19 12:01:48 EST 2009

Can I perhaps sum this one up?  Are we saying the benefits to OWASP
are probably not that significant, and in any case may be difficult to
align with OWASP's independence and need not to be aliogned too
closely with any vendor.  There may be other ways to work with or
influence MS SDL, rather than becoming an SDL Pro Network member.  But
we do think there is a need to describe security in the SDLC further
on the wiki - perhaps in the development guide - and this should
probably highlight MS SDL, in the same way that MS Threat Modelling is
already discussed/referenced in the OWASP wiki and in the new OWASP
Top 10 - 2010 rc1.


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