[Global_industry_committee] First steps of a new committee member

David Campbell dcampbell at owasp.org
Thu Nov 19 11:43:45 EST 2009


Welcome aboard bro.

Re: the CESG love-in in +44 I'd love to attend but can't get the boss to
approve travel for it.  Should be able to make uncon 2010 though :)

You should definitely hit it up tho.


Yiannis Pavlosoglou wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope you are well and sound after the summit; it was good to meet up
> with everyone there. Two things I would like to put forward:
> 1. Can we add a header identifier on all mailing list email, something
> like: [Industry] (the projects guys have [GPC]) so that all email is
> identifiable quickly?
> 2. In London, Egham, on the 15th December there is :  ESTC Ethical
> Security Testing Conference (CREST/CHECK love in instead of CHECK Con)
> with these guys being: http://www.crest-approved.org/
> and I was also able to recover the following blurp from a wiki:
> The first annual Ethical Security Testing Conference (ESTC) will be
> held at Royal Holloway University in Egham on the 15th December 2009.
> This event is being run in conjunction with CESG, the Information
> Assurance arm of GCHQ. The event is intended to be an alternative to
> CHECKCon, which will not run this year, and is open to all members of
> the UK professional security community.
> We would like to announce the opportunity to submit papers for
> selection by the EST conference technical review committee.
> The presentations offer speakers the opportunity to showcase on-going
> security research projects, to highlight advancements in security
> testing techniques or to announce new tools or methodologies to an
> audience of professional penetration testers.
> Preference will be given to presentations that relate to new or
> innovative techniques or tools relevant to professional security
> testing activities, particularly in the following areas:
>    1. Web application testing
>    2. Infrastructure testing
>    3. Wireless testing
>    4. Code reviews
>    5. Network forensics
>    6. Reverse engineering and malware analysis
> Also of interest would be talks relating to new areas of research
> within the security field.
> Talks should be limited to 45 minutes in length and the conference
> will be a single track series of presentations in a lecture theatre
> environment.
> If you have a proposal for a presentation, please email a synopsis of
> the material and your biography to assessors at crest-approved.org for
> consideration by the panel before the 15th October 2009.
> Is it worth contacting them to request to attend?
> Thank you,
> Yiannis
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