[Global_industry_committee] First steps of a new committee member

Yiannis Pavlosoglou yiannis at owasp.org
Wed Nov 18 20:38:20 EST 2009

Hi all,

I hope you are well and sound after the summit; it was good to meet up
with everyone there. Two things I would like to put forward:

1. Can we add a header identifier on all mailing list email, something
like: [Industry] (the projects guys have [GPC]) so that all email is
identifiable quickly?

2. In London, Egham, on the 15th December there is :  ESTC Ethical
Security Testing Conference (CREST/CHECK love in instead of CHECK Con)

with these guys being: http://www.crest-approved.org/

and I was also able to recover the following blurp from a wiki:

The first annual Ethical Security Testing Conference (ESTC) will be
held at Royal Holloway University in Egham on the 15th December 2009.
This event is being run in conjunction with CESG, the Information
Assurance arm of GCHQ. The event is intended to be an alternative to
CHECKCon, which will not run this year, and is open to all members of
the UK professional security community.

We would like to announce the opportunity to submit papers for
selection by the EST conference technical review committee.

The presentations offer speakers the opportunity to showcase on-going
security research projects, to highlight advancements in security
testing techniques or to announce new tools or methodologies to an
audience of professional penetration testers.

Preference will be given to presentations that relate to new or
innovative techniques or tools relevant to professional security
testing activities, particularly in the following areas:

   1. Web application testing
   2. Infrastructure testing
   3. Wireless testing
   4. Code reviews
   5. Network forensics
   6. Reverse engineering and malware analysis

Also of interest would be talks relating to new areas of research
within the security field.

Talks should be limited to 45 minutes in length and the conference
will be a single track series of presentations in a lecture theatre

If you have a proposal for a presentation, please email a synopsis of
the material and your biography to assessors at crest-approved.org for
consideration by the panel before the 15th October 2009.

Is it worth contacting them to request to attend?

Thank you,


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