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Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Fri May 29 06:22:45 EDT 2009

Hello Jason

Over time, US government organisations (national and state) have begun
to reference OWASP documents and tools.  One of the tasks the Industry
Committee has been trying to do is spread the word to other
organisations in the government, industry, professional and standards


For example we made a submission to the Interim Digital Britain Report
(the final government report is due towards the end of June).

There are so many standards and guidelines, I think it''s important to
reference work that already exists and this is where OWASP can help.
There is no point re-inventing what already exists or undertaking all
the effort to produce the documentation, standards and tools that
OWASP has already developed.

One approach might be to try to survey NHS Trusts to find out who is
already using OWASP resources and what for.  It may be that OWASP is
already embedded in their practices already.

Maybe NHS Connecting for Health would like to become a corporate member too!


Colin Watson
OWASP Global Industry Committee member and OWASP London attendee!

2009/5/29 Alexander Jason (NHS Connecting for Health) <jason.alexander at nhs.net>:
> Hi leaders…..
> I am currently part of a cross government working group that has been tasked
> with looking at the security of HMG web portals. This is primarily aimed at
> “web application security”. It is the group’s mission to provide a set of
> security baselines and guidance that can be used across all government
> departments. This information will be classed as “unclassified” so there is
> great potential for some recognition. I have already as an introduction,
> pointed out the website and listed all the fantastic resources that are at
> our disposal. I’m really hoping to get some good collaboration on this……
> Would like to know if anyone else has experience on getting OWASP projects
> utilised within government?
> Jason Alexander
> OWASP Leeds Chapter Leader
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