[Global_industry_committee] Digital Britain Interim Report

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Mon Feb 16 13:28:05 EST 2009

Dear All

I have added another suggested document to comment on.  An interim
report has been produced for the UK government and it is open for
discussion prior to the final report in "late spring".  Since this one
is UK specific, it may give us an opportunity to draw some people in
from the London and Scotland chapters.


What's it about?  An action plan to secure the UK's place at the
forefront of innovation, investment and quality in the digital and
communications industries.  Why is this relevant to OWASP? The terms
of reference for the report include:

   "Empowered and informed consumers and citizens fully equipped to
take advantage of the opportunities convergence brings."

   "Internet: looking at a range of issues affecting internet users,
such as user security and safety and a workable approach to promoting
content standards."

and from the interim report:

   "We need to ensure that UK internet users can operate with security
and confidence."

but the principles list only relate to privacy, personally
identifiable information and illegal material.  I've put my name down
as the lead on this... but feel free to wrest it away if you want to.


Colin Watson

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