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dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Tue Dec 22 06:50:54 EST 2009


We are having the conference call below at 2pm with ENISA. You are more than
welcomed to also join in (sorry for not sending the invite sooner)

I also invited the guys from

I will send a debrief with the outcome


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Subject: Fwd: Conference Call OWASP-ENISA
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You guys should also join this call. We meet the Enisa guy at our conference
in Spain earlier this month.

Enisa are a very bug player in EU's security space, and they are very
interrested in OWASP's contributions

The current scheaduled time for this call is 2pm GMT

Dinis Cruz

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*From:* "Daniele Catteddu" <Daniele.Catteddu at enisa.europa.eu>
*Date:* 20 December 2009 18:42:12 GMT
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Hogben" <Giles.Hogben at enisa.europa.eu>

*Subject:* *Conference Call OWASP-ENISA*

Dear Carlos and Diniz

It was a pleasure to talk with during the IBWAS Conference in Madrid.

Now as already  discussed,  I would like to set up a conf call between us to
verify the potentiality and feasibility of a possible collaboration between

There are 2 main points I would like to discuss with you:

1)      Involvement of OWASP representatives in ENISA’s project on cloud
computing and mobile applications

2)      Possible medium term actions (from now to 2011)

You might want to invite for this call other relevant OWASP representative.

I propose Tuesday the 22nd at 12 GTM.

Please let me know.


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