[Global_industry_committee] OWASP Citations

Rex Booth, OWASP rex.booth at owasp.org
Sun Aug 23 22:30:42 EDT 2009

This is awesome - very valuable.

Citations works for me.

I think the NSA may refer to OWASP somewhere.  I'll do some digging.  
Also, should the NCSD reference be marked as US-centric or is it truly 


Colin Watson wrote:
> Dear All
> It's a wet day, so I've done some more work on a page begun a while
> ago.  I wanted to create a central list of documents that refer to
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Industry:Citations
> The purpose is to have somewhere we can demonstrate how government and
> industry value OWASP's work.
> I have asked a few people for input already, but was thinking of
> letting the Leaders List know and ask for further input... but do you
> know of anything else that ought to be here?  I've tried to avoid
> regional/state/local organisations for now, but wonder if that's
> correct?  Oh, and is the page name "Citations" okay?
> Regards
> Colin
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