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We have engaged very successfully with the top IT and Computer Science
Universities in the country and are in discussions to introduce Secure
SDLC, Secure Coding, Applications Security Program, Web & Applications
Security Testing, and other such knowledge to the 4 year Bachelors degree
programs for Computer Science & IT students.

If there has been such an engagement in other countries/chapters, we would
like to learn of your experience and implementation. We are looking to
create a revolution in Pakistan by creating free-of-cost training,
awareness and knowledge transfer for the much-needed secure web and
applications security topics (for the major Universities in the country).

We intend to transfer this knowledge to individuals while they are still
students in Universities so that they can take this knowledge with them
into the industry.

Looking forward to hear from you...

Kind regards,

Nahil Mahmood
Chapter Leader OWASP (Lahore, Pakistan)
President, Cloud Security Alliance, Pakistan

OWASP Operational Support:
Conference Logistics & Community Relations

Dir: 312-869-2779
skype: sarah.baso
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