[Global_education_committee] GSOC 2012 - Registration Opened

Fabio Cerullo fcerullo at owasp.org
Mon Feb 27 23:02:05 UTC 2012

Hi All,

Today Google officially opened the registration period for mentoring
organizations that would like to become part of GSOC 2012.

The first GSoC 2012 deadline will be Friday *March 9th*, which is the
deadline for interested mentoring organizations to submit their org
application. Although we need to wait until March 16th for Google to
officially announce which lucky organizations will be selected to
participate in GSoC 2012, we are already working on our initial list
of GSoC 2012 project ideas. You could find a list of proposed ideas in the
link below:


For those OWASP leaders interested to participate, I'm actively looking for
OWASP Tools projects that could benefit from the help of students coding
for their respective projects either by adding a specific functionality,
module or even improving the code. Simon (ZAP) put together a fantastic set
of enhancement requests that will be really useful when the time comes for
Google to review our application. A similar approach should be taken for
any project that is willing to participate in GSoC.

ZAP enhancement requests as GSoC candidates: *

If you think your OWASP project could benefit from GSoC please get in touch
with me as soon as possible.

Google will provide a stipend of 5500 USD per accepted student developer,
of which 5000 USD goes to the student and 500 USD goes to the mentoring

To make it even more interesting, we have agreed with the GPC that the
allocated funds that correspond to the mentoring organization, will go
straight into your OWASP project so you could use those funds to maintain,
improve and support it. Obviously, you will need to follow the OWASP
guidelines when utilising those funds but it is a great opportunity for any
project leader to get some control over those funds and at the same time
provide a platform for students to work on your OWASP project.

Also, if you are not responsible for a particular OWASP project but would
like to help by being a mentor please let me know. Being a mentor means
that, if our proposal/s is/are accepted, a student/s will be allocated to
you so you could guide them in their coding tasks.

OWASP Mentors (so far):

- Simon Bennetts / Skyler Onken - ZAP Proxy
- Chris Schmidt - ESAPI
- Arshan Dabirsiaghi - AntiSamy
- Ryan Barnett - ModSecurity CRS
- John Melton - AppSensor
- Fabio Cerullo - ESAPI Swingset

OWASP Organisational Administrators

- Jason Li
- Fabio Cerullo

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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