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Kuai Hinojosa kuai.hinojosa at owasp.org
Tue Feb 14 01:56:16 UTC 2012

Thank you Kate! I agree about having to differentiate types of training.

Is there a list of successful courses previously delivered? That is, in
addition to the owasp training day(s) in the past?

In another note, I read that MIT is offering online interactive courses as
part of their MITx initiative. I thought that was interesting. I know
Martin and others have been working hard on the education portal but, has
there been any discussions or plans to incorporate similar functionalities
or features? Just curious, i think this could be a way to reduce cost of
training and make it more affordable to everyone. Thereby, leveraging
training as another source to fund owasp education efforts etc...


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Subject: [Global_education_committee] training schedules

All, I have begun to gather informaiotn on local training events into a
central location.  I want to send this to the leader’s list and ask other
chapters to respond with training they are having or training they want to

For the Denver event, I have Justin Searle, Matt Tesauro, and Chris Schmidt
lined up for 3 one day classes.  I’m waiting for their course information
to post it to the site.

Next steps should be to gather information from potential trainers (I
suggest using courses that have already been offered and have been
successful for now) and potential training locations (I know Sebastian
Gioria has expressed interest for France in April and Latin America needs a
course as well)

I think it’s important to differentiate among the different TYPES of
training we are offering, so let’s set a date to review where we are and
where we want to be 3 months from now.

I’m sending out a doodle for the rest of the week.

Kate Hartmann

Operations Director



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