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All, as promised, here is a draft of a call for training as well as a call
for locations for the program.  I would recommend using the submission form
as attached as well as developing a similar form for the location
submissions.  I also believe that the courses offered should be courses that
have been previously offered and have received positive feedback.  This
feedback can be used as testimonials for promotion of the class.  I also see
there are already trainers listed on the GEC page.
for_Trainers.21 We should probably make sure that we clearly identify the
difference between the training on OWASP Tools and Projects and the training
that will provided by this program.  


Note, I added in quotes of 40% to the trainer (no travel or accommodations
provided) and 10% of revenue to the local chapter.  This would provide 50%
to the Foundation - thoughts? 




On behalf of the Global Education Committee, I am excited to present to you
an expanded opportunity to participate in industry renowned OWASP training.
In addition to the courses offered in conjunction with our Global AppSec
Conferences, the Global Education Committee will be collaborating with local
chapters to provide one day, two day, and week-long courses on topics
relevant to the specific needs of your community.


The Global Education Committee is currently soliciting training proposals as
well as hosting proposals from chapter leaders.


We are seeking training proposals on the following topics (in no particular
order) or any other topics related to application security:


- Application Threat Modeling

- Business Risks with Application Security

- Hands-on Source Code Review

- Metrics for Application Security

- OWASP Tools and Projects

- Privacy Concerns with Applications and Data Storage

- Secure Coding Practices (J2EE/.NET)

- Starting and Managing Secure Development Lifecycle Programs

- Technology specific presentations on security such as AJAX, XML, etc

- Web Application Security countermeasures

- Web Application Security Testing

- Web Services, XML

- and Application Security

- Anything else relating to OWASP and Application Security


Proposals on topics not listed above but related to the conference (i.e.
which are related to Application Security) may also be accepted.


To make a submission you must and submit by email to GEC-training at owasp.org.
The proposals must respect the restrictions of the OWASP Speaker Agreement.
Trainers will be compensated with 40% of the total revenue of their courses,
based on a minimum attendance. No other compensation (such as tickets or
lodging) will be provided. If you require a different arrangement, please
contact the Global Education Committee chair.



Instructors and authors will receive 40% of the total training revenue of
the course. The defined minimum attendance numbers for each training will be
determined by the venue capacity, but will be no less than 10


******* DRAFT:  CALL FOR VENUE *******


On behalf of the Global Education Committee, I would like to invite all
local chapter leaders to consider submitting a proposal to host an OWASP
Training event in their community.  These training events are designed to
draw industry leaders and renowned trainers to provide comprehensive
training on Application Security topics.


If you would like to be considered as a host for a training event, please
provide the following information:  


1.  Chapter Location

2.  Chapter leader name, phone number, email address

3.  Dates, locations, attendance, and agenda for previous three meetings

4.  At least two venue options for the training

5.  Proposed Dates for the training


The classes offered will have a minimum of 10 students/class

The local chapter will receive 10% of total revenue from the training





Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


www.owasp.org <http://www.owasp.org/>  

Skype:  Kate.hartmann1


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