[Global_education_committee] [Update] OWASP Global Education Committee (GEC) meeting

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Tue Oct 11 09:34:12 EDT 2011

Thanks for asking. All not to bad, I was quite lucky!

About next week, I will send out a meeting request! 

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Hey are you ok? Falling off a bike is no picnic. Hope you are doing well,
should we try next Monday? I am travelling but I think I should be able to
make it.

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> All,
> Sorry, I have to chancel for tonight as I am feeling not to sharp.
> I have crashed my bike earlier today and am just back from the hospital.
> Nothing serious, just my hands gall's on my hands, hip and knees. Bruised my
> ankles too!
> Bike is total!
> So, please excuse I am no available today!
> Will be back online tomorrow!
> Kate, can you chair the meeting?
> Cheers,
> -Martin

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