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Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Tue Oct 4 05:28:59 EDT 2011


Sorry, being the last to send in the goals for 2012.
There have been defined some time ago, just did not had enough time to
formalize them.
...but I had a great trip after the AppSec-USA! It was worth the delay ;-)

The GEC has indentified 4 major initiatives for 2012:
*Training events*
*University Outreach*
*OWASP Academy *
*Student Chapter*

*Training events*
-> creating, enabling and organisation of paid training events, independent
to the AppSec conferences
-> take responsibility and supporting paid training events around the AppSec
-> enabling and supporting the "About OWASP" training days:
    as previous have been done by the London, France, Ireland and Greece


--->Currently, there is a lot confusion about training events. As we have
discussed this during the Committee Chair meeting, major domains have been
taken to point to less major initiatives. Good example:

*University Outreach*
-> Outreach to Students and Professors, as succession of John Wilanders
AppSec-EU Research

*OWASP Academy *
-> Developing and maintaining various academy efforts as (or currently in
particular) The OWASP Academy Portal

*Student Chapter*
-> Rebooting the Student Chapter Program, once initiated by Jeff Williams

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