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Group, I occasionally get these type of questions.  What would the education
committee suggest as a “path of knowledge?”


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Hello Kate,

I am a newcomer consultant to the ideas being addressed by OWASP, and would
like to ask you for a suggested training path to take in order to become
qualified to work within this discipline.



Mike Eberhardinger

Charlotte, NC


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Registration is OPEN!!!  Follow the link for information on Early Bird



OWASP is currently soliciting training & presentation proposals for the
OWASP AppSec Europe 2011 Conference which will take place at Trinity College
Dublin in Ireland, on June 6th through June 10th 2010. There will be
training courses on June 6th, 7th and 8th followed by plenary sessions on
the 9th and 10th with each day having at least three tracks.

Call for Training

We are seeking training proposals on the following topics (in no particular

§  Security in Web 2.0, Web Services/XML

§  Advanced penetration testing

§  Static analysis for security

§  Threat modeling of applications

§  Secure coding practices

§  Security in J2EE/.NET patterns and frameworks

§  Application security with ESAPI

§  OWASP tools in practice

We will look favorably on laboration-based/hands-on training.

Call for Presentations

We are seeking people and organizations that want to present on any of the
following topics (in no particular order):

§  Business Risks with Application Security.

§  Starting and Managing Secure Development Lifecycle Programs.

§  Web Services-, XML- and Application Security.

§  Metrics for Application Security.

§  Application Threat Modeling.

§  Hands-on Source Code Review.

§  Web Application Security Testing.

§  OWASP Tools and Projects.

§  Secure Coding Practices (J2EE/.NET).

§  Privacy Concerns with Applications and Data Storage

§  Web Application Security countermeasures

§  Technology specific presentations on security such as AJAX, XML, etc.

§  Anything else relating to OWASP and Application Security.

Submission Deadline and Instructions

Submission deadline is Sunday April 3 23:59 (GMT).

To submit your proposal please fill out the form here:

Please specify in the form whether you are submitting a Training or a
Presentation proposal. Eg. Title: "Training - Introduction to Web
Application Security"

Only for Training Proposals
To submit your training proposal please fill out the
ing.docx> File:OWASP AppSec Europe 2011 Call for Training.docx and attach it
while filling out the online form.

Upon acceptance you'll be requested to fill out the Training Instructor
Agreement where you'll find details on revenue split etc. The agreement will
be reworked but the previous one is here:
File:Training Instructor Agreement.doc. 


Further Information

Mail: ireland at owasp.org

Website: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/AppSecEU2011

Linkedin: http://events.linkedin.com/OWASP-AppSec-Europe-2011/pub/522459

Twitter: #appseceu11



Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


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