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Hi Colin,


Just to give you a quick update, I was hired as OWASP Training Manager for
three months (15 Oct to 15 Jan) with the aim of operationalizing the OWASP
Training model and the OWASP Academies concept. With regard to the latter,
and given the little amount of time available, my focus was to open a
discussion as wide as possible and to promote the exchange of ideas and
experiences so that we could think of a way to approach the academic world
and to introduce our contents and expertise into their curricula. The next
step of this action was the realization of a big meeting held in Lisbon with
all the intervenients who have committed to the debate - on this meeting we
have discussed how was OWASP currently interacting with Universities, each
of the participants shared their experiences and work done on their
respective academic institutions and the debate evolved to try and find a
model that could frame OWASP's relationship with the academy (Universities,
Teachers, Students, etc).


The model that was agreed on was based on the creation of an Academic Portal
where OWASP would place and make available different types of content to be
used by the diverse communities within the University - the idea was to be
able to reach professors and students by giving them usable blocks that
could be quickly and easily introduced in their own academic routines. This
Portal has been made into an OWASP Project and it is now being led by Martin



Also, the objective is to fine tune details about this during the Summit and
the Working Sessions that are dedicated to Education and Universities.


That is to say that we have not yet reached the phase where we have a
completed module/course to suggest in situations such as the one you
describe below. 


Furthermore, you have all the information about this process on the OWASP
Academies page:



For more detail on the entire process, I would call your attention for the
tab "Conclusions of the Meeting" where you can:

- Read the conclusions of the meeting;

- Browse through the Liveblog of the two days meetings and have a very clear
idea of the discussion that took place;

- Access the materials that were presented - AppSec course developed by
Kostas and Vasileos in their Universities in Greece, Jason Taylor's
presentation of a course designed for the Montana State University, a Course
on Web Security and Information Systems used by ISCTE and presented by
Carlos Serrão, an AppSec course suite curricula presented by Martin K.


I would conclude by saying that this is very much still an ongoing project
and also by reminding you that I am not directly involved in this anymore. I
am at the moment focusing on the Summit and Working Sessions and will start
after the Summit a period of work as an OWASP resource for Security
Innovation focusing on OWASP projects and its contents.


Let me also take this opportunity to invite you to engage on the Education
Working Sessions and help this discussion move forward! :-) 


I hope this can be of some help!


Best regards,



 <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> Sandra Paiva

OWASP Summit2011 Team

Username Wiki page - http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva



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Cc: Kate Hartmann
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Further to my enquiry to Martin, I met the Senior Lecturer from Anglia
Ruskin University's Dept of Computing.  They are about to set up an MSc and
we were chatting about ideas for course focus and content.  I mentioned
OWASP might be able to provide input in this area.  Can I forward him your
name and email address as someone to contact?  What "position" should I say
you have?


I will also re-iterate the idea of Educational Supporter and offer Kate as
the contact point for that.







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Hi Colin,

Sorry, I had marked your email for 'TODO', but had not time yet.

..I have resigned at my current position and will be self employed from
February 1st on.

So, I am a bit loaded with TODO's at the moment.. ;-) The main contact
should be Sandra, I 've added her into this conversation, who is pulling the
OWASP Academy.

We had a great meeting this month with some university representatives and
had some great outcomes:


- Universities are not willing to take 'complete' security tracks, but are
looking for material

- OWASP will produce material in 'blocks' which can be used by the Academies

- There will be an OWASP Academy Portal, will be introduced at the Summit

- All material will be accessible through the OWASP Academy Portal

- Labs (off- and online) will be available through the OWASP Academy Portal


As for the educational supporter thing, it's not more then sending out an
email to Kate. As far as I know, that's all.

@Sandra, can you fill in what I might have forgotten?



On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 12:10 PM, Colin Watson <colin.watson at owasp.org>


> (discrete knudge)


> I'm sure you're inundated with stuff, but I wonder who I can pass on 

> as a contact.  One of the "staff"?


> Colin



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> Subject: Educational Supporters

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> Martin


> I hope you are well!


> I was speaking to someone today who is a senior lecturer at a UK 

> polytechnic.  They are considering the establishment of a taught 

> post-graduate information security course, but haven't yet decided on 

> the course content.  I mentioned the concept of OWASP Educational 

> Supporters, and also that OWASP may have some ideas for input to a 

> curriculum.


> Who would it be best for him to contact at OWASP?


> Regards


> Colin

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