[Global_education_committee] Next meeting and thing to discus!

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Mon Feb 14 13:46:13 EST 2011


Those who have been to the Summit, I hope you got back okay!

To get the GEC back on track, we have thought about the following during the

Meeting schedule:
The next OWASP Global Edcuation Committee meeting is scheduled for next week
Wednesday. As the current schedule seams not to fit into every's agenda, I
will send out a doodle (http://www.doodle.com/) to schedule the next

Points for the next meeting:

We have to define some level of obligation towards the committee. Therefore
we need some rules we live by.
Please see the governance page of the Global Conference Committee as

We have to redefine the tasks and assign them to the committee members.

Sandra previously was employed by the OWASP board as contact and lead
towards the Academy.
Unfortunate, her contract ended without an follow-up plan. We need to discus
if we want hiring someone and define the tasks of that position

Academy, University, Education:
(let me try to summarize the reason development)

There has been a lot development lately. We the Academy, who is the
connection to, in my opinion, all Educational Institutions. Not solely the
Academies. During the Academy meeting in January, the representatives of
various Universities and other Educational Institution told us how we as
OWASP can help them teaching appsec:
- it's not possible to deliver or influence the curriculum at any university
- what they need us to do is deliver a possibility where they can point
their students to about appsec

What we came up with together is the OWASP Academy portal:
- a single point to access OWASP and AppSec material with a professional
- the portal has the following sections:
   1. Presentations, educational material, suited for a 30 minute training
   2. references to online and offline challenges, inside and outside of
OWASP (offline & OWASP as the WebGoat, online as various available online
challenges like http://www.securityskills.nl/)
   3. video material as the CBT of Nishi and the reason OWASP series created
by Jerry (? I guess he is called Jerry),
   4. a forum with two sections, one for teachers, one for students
   5. supplying a management console where teachers can create events
(selecting material and challenges he can subscribe students)  and the
students can put their solutions. This to make the students effort visible
for the teachers to see the students have done what they had to do so the
teachers can assign points for that).

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