[Global_education_committee] OWASP Marketing Plan - an Introduction

Antonio Fontes antonio.fontes at owasp.org
Wed Apr 27 06:54:10 EDT 2011

Great initiative.

If possible, I'd wish we also integrate answers to these questions:

OWASP as an organization:
- How are similar initiatives (not appsec related, but other communities
working on similar models) present online?
  - their website
  - their PR
  - their social network presence
  - their community building strategy
  - etc.
- Who is in the OWASP right now?
  - numbers
  - countries, regions
  - chapters + chapter leaders
  - individual members, per chapter, per country
  - corporate members, per chapter, per country
  - academic members, per chapter, per country
  - collaborators
  - board / management

OWASP as a competitive initiative:
- Do we have competitors, as a whole?
- Do we have competitors, locally?
  -> public sector lobbying
  -> conferences
  -> other events
  -> website as a source of information
  -> references / tools / projects
  -> what are the competitors strengths/weaknesses
  -> what are our opportunities?

OWASP as a website:
- How is the OWASP website currently used?
  - quantitative measurements: how many hits and uniques? from where?
and when?
  - qualitative measurements:  what are the landing pages? exit pages?
what are the search terms? what are people doing when on the website?
how many editors vs. readers?
- Spoken language of visitors:
  -> who is looking for what?
  -> is the content translated for that population?
- SWOT analysis of the OWASP website:
  -> what should we remove?
  -> what should we add as a minimum?
  -> what can we add as opportunities?
- Homepage (https://www.owasp.org) content analysis
  - same as above
- website structure:
  - 1 site for all?
  - 2 sites: 1 institutional + 1 knowledge base wiki?

OWASP as an online/offline presence:
- what are ALL owasp sources of online presence?
- what are ALL owasp sources of offline presence?
- who is owning each source?
- what is each presence's objective?
- what are all advertising operations in progress? who owns them?
- are there opportunities for merging efforts?

OWASP as projects (products):
- Do projects answer the following fundamentals?
  -> segmentation: do we know all target audiences for our projects?
  -> targeting: do we associate our projects to specific audiences?
  -> placement: can we reach the project material as expected?
  -> promotion: where is the targeted audience located? how does it
communicate? do we promote the project where it should be promoted?
  -> cost: do we show the cost of acquiring a project? (please don't
answer "it's freeeee!" some projects require more effort than others)
  -> description: are tools/methods correctly described?

- What is done wrong?
- What is done right?
- What can be done as an opportunity?

OWASP as merchandising:
- What do we sell?
- What do others sell?
- What do we sell the most?
- What do we sell less?
- Do we have marketing operations associated with our merchandising?
- What is done wrong?
- What is done right?
- What can be done as an opportunity?


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On 4/26/2011 5:21 PM, Matt Tesauro wrote:
> Hello committee members,
> I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce a new effort at OWASP and
> the person heading up that effort.
> As you well may know, there hasn't every really been an OWASP marketing
> plan.  During one of the many summit working groups Tobias Gondrom and I
> agreed to work on getting one in place.  Tobias has contacts at the
> London School of Business and lined up a MBA student to work on this for
> OWASP.  I've had several emails and calls with this student to discuss
> the project and get things started.
> The student is Arvind Ramachandran.  Here's a quick bio he wrote:
> "I am second year Executive- MBA graduate at London Business School. I
> have an extensive IT Sector experience of around 9 years prior to
> joining my MBA.  I am currently working for a start up company based in
> the UK and I am doing the  Marketing strategy and 'Go To Market'
> strategy for their telecom product.  I have worked on various areas like
> Project Management, Software development, Quality Assurance and Presales
> for various multinationals like Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Qualcomm and
> also for start up companies in the UK."
> The outline for the OWASP marketing plan effort is here (read-only):
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1EcVkDix1-vLgRqNjOvs290QkWkvKJ2RcX7cDOSGj1gw
> He will be contacting the committees so please provide what assistance
> you can to help this be a successful effort.
> If you have any questions, feel free to email Arvind or myself directly.
> Cheers!
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