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Kuai Hinojosa kuai.hinojosa at owasp.org
Thu Apr 14 17:30:56 EDT 2011

Great! I knew I could count on you. I will send you an invite, tomorrow wil
be a good day to chat if that works for you.

On Apr 14, 2011 5:18 PM, "Nishi Kumar" <nishi787 at hotmail.com> wrote:

 Hi Kaui,

We sure can do this. In fact I am going to deliver a training session in
next few weeks to two of our business units in our organization a 4 hour
developer session because they are going through PCI audit process.  I have
the decks that I used in past for other business units before they went
through the PCI audit process. Currently I am in the process of updating the
decks to make it current. Let's discuss this in one of the meetings or you
can call me.

Nishi Kumar
OWASP CBT Project Lead

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> This is definitely something we should pursuit. I like the idea of
> giving certification of c...
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