[Global_education_committee] A new academic partner comming in France?

Cecil Su cecil.su at owasp.org
Wed Sep 15 06:00:01 EDT 2010

Dear Sebastien,

Yes, I think that's an excellent idea! I do see lots of potential for this
not only in your continent but also in this part of the world too, I mean
the Far East and Asia Pacific!

There have been lots of enquiries and what can be done for the local ICT
Security landscape and getting one out (or at least have that translated
into mainstream English first - I can organize it to be translated into
several other main Asian languages) would be a major milestone at least for

I am sure you see lots of schools/universities teaching IT Security as a
module (although increasingly there are now specialized courses and options
to major in IT Security, Information Security, Information Assurance, IT
Forensics for that matter) but not many have a well-structured and organized
course for many of the graduates (who would go on to be developers,
architects) but have a scratchy surface knowledge of developing secure code
or application.

If you could push this out, I am sure more IHLs (institutes of higher
learning) will jump on the OWASP bandwagon.

Kind regards,

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> Hi all,
> I've got a mail exchnge with French university  (l'Université de Bordeaux
> 1, http://www.ufr-mi.u-bordeaux.fr/) to setup some "OWASP course" in one
> diploma (for 09/2011):
> Name :"Licence Pro SIL specialisee en "Securite des Reseaux et des
> Logiciels""
> it's a diploma after 3 years in French university, It seem the course will
> be for 20hours to "secure a web app".
> They are interested by this TOC :
> * Web environnement security :
>        - OS, WebServer, Application Server, IIS, apache, ModSecurity, ...
> * Web Security vulns :
>        - OWASP Top10 (theorical approach)
>        - Some technical games with  OWASP Broken Web Applications...
> * Ajax Security
> * Using open-source tools to audit and tesgin security
> * Secure Developpement lifcycle.
>        - Where to start
>        - What to use
> * Web Applications Firewall
>        - description
>        - choice
>        - setting up
>        - limits
> * Links/Reading....
> As an idea, could this be possible to "setup" a "official GEC material" for
> this, I think it could be good things for other university (and not only in
> France) => If Yes, I could lead this as I got a lot of contents one this TOC
> S.
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