[Global_education_committee] A new academic partner comming in France?

Sebastien Gioria sebastien.gioria at owasp.org
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Hi all,

I've got a mail exchnge with French university  (l'Université de Bordeaux 1, http://www.ufr-mi.u-bordeaux.fr/) to setup some "OWASP course" in one diploma (for 09/2011): 

Name :"Licence Pro SIL specialisee en "Securite des Reseaux et des Logiciels""

it's a diploma after 3 years in French university, It seem the course will be for 20hours to "secure a web app". 

They are interested by this TOC : 

* Web environnement security : 
	- OS, WebServer, Application Server, IIS, apache, ModSecurity, ...

* Web Security vulns : 
	- OWASP Top10 (theorical approach)
	- Some technical games with  OWASP Broken Web Applications...
* Ajax Security
* Using open-source tools to audit and tesgin security
* Secure Developpement lifcycle.
	- Where to start
	- What to use
* Web Applications Firewall
	- description
	- choice
	- setting up
	- limits
* Links/Reading....

As an idea, could this be possible to "setup" a "official GEC material" for this, I think it could be good things for other university (and not only in France) => If Yes, I could lead this as I got a lot of contents one this TOC


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