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Hi Carlos et al,


I have already spoken to Martin (we were discussing another issue) and he
has confirmed his presence on both days – Conference and OWASP Training. He
will deliver two modules at the Training and will still make the two
presentations at the Conference that I think had already been agreed with


As for Matteo and the remaining potential trainers, if you concur, me and
Paulo will make an initial list of people to be invited to deliver the ‘free
for OWASP members’ training and, to maximize their presence here in
Portugal, we propose that we invite them also to be presenting at the


Having into account the known budgetary constraints, the criteria proposed
to build this list is the following:

·        Invite the European trainers previously contacted who had already
showed interest in providing paid training in the Conference and that, under
the current frame decided for the event, maintain interest in participating
as trainers despite the fact that there will be no payment for it;

·        Invite mainly and firstly European OWASP members who are proficient
in OWASP Projects and capable of presenting them; 

·        Try and compress costs as much as possible so as to create the
conditions to have someone also from Latin America participating as
trainers. We also propose we give priority to those who are involved in this
Conference’s organization and are being carbon copied.


We will send you this list for your review before sending the invitations






Sandra Paiva

 <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> OWASP Training Manager


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another issue.


Could you confirm Matteo Meucci and Martin Knobloch, are available for the
new dates, please?


Best regards,


On 2010/10/28, at 18:06, Sandra Paiva wrote:

Hi Carlos,


Yes, I will crack on with the Training component. If you agree, what I
suggest is that me and Paulo take care of the contact with potential
trainers for the OWASP Training (training on documents and tools OWASP – non
paid) and that you inform the trainers whom you had contacted for the paid
training that we have decided not to go ahead with that component of the
conference (if and once this decision has been definitely assumed).


With regard to the OWASP Training day, I need your help with the following:

·        In our last meeting I got the impression that the plan would be to
have the OWASP training on the day before the Conference, i.e. on the 16th
Dec. ON the IBWAS’ page the order of events appears the opposite (conference
on the 16th and OWASP training on the 16th). Can you, please, clarify?

·        Can we count on you to deliver training on one of the OWASP
documents/tools? If yes, which project would you like to present?

·        From the members of the Portuguese Chapter, do you know anyone who
would be able/willing to participate on the Training as trainer?

·        On the file IBWAS’10 Financials, Speakers spreadsheet, what is the
meaning of L, CB and D?


Thanks much in advance!







Sandra Paiva

OWASP <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva>  Training Manager


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Enviei um email para toda a gente com copia para ti. Era importante termos a
parte do treino a avançar e avisar todos quantos enviaram propostas de
treino para a IBWAS a dizer que a mesma já não se vai realizar.


Enviado do meu iPhone

No dia 28 de Out de 2010, às 15:36, "Sandra Paiva" <sandra.paiva at owasp.org>

Olá Carlos,


Acrescentas-me, por favor, a esta lista de discussão?






Sandra Paiva

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- Paulo



Paulo Coimbra,

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I highly recommend taking into account Juan's points. Specially, the points
regarding to sponsorship are very important. 


The removal of the paragraphs regarding the explanation about the strike can
be trimmed but not too much i think.

Nuno Filipe Martins da Silveira Teodoro

SCCM Engineer at Noesis

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Em 28 de outubro de 2010 14:57, Juan Carlos Calderon Rojas <
<mailto:juan.calderon at softtek.com> juan.calderon at softtek.com> escreveu:

I strongly suggest you make it simple, remove all the "hay" and just tell
what happen in a polite way, for example:

- Avoid too much explanation on what has recently happending in Portugal
(paragraphs 2, 3 and 4), but DO mention what specific events are causing the
conference to be moved and changed price.

- Mentioning several scenarios were explored is a good point to keep, this
is not an arbitrary desicion, also mention "we" are the "conference
organization team" and took the desition in consensus. And by conference
organization I don't mean all of us on this list but you guys over there in
Portugal that are doing all the hard work.


About the offerings, some things you can do to drive leads to sponsors are:

1. Do a "potential customer" tour, gather all the professionals (no
students, just IT people and execs) at one event break and walk them to each
stand for an special small talk about their product

2. Do sponsor sessions, allow the sponsors to have the podium for 10-15 mins
during or after the breaks (never during lunch!) for them to deliver their

3. Make a Panel and invite the sponsor techies to expose what they do at
their company AND IT IS OF INTEREST FOR THE AUDIENCE. No marketing specific
talk but good technical stuff and maybe technical (and real) competitive


If any of these is used then make sure to mention it also in the letter to
give sponsors some more tranquility that targeted audience will be able to
hear from them.


Hope it helps, regards,

Juan Carlos



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 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt> Dear all,

 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt>  

 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt> I would like to have your opinion and
contributions to the attached letter that we need to send to sponsors. We
need to prepare something similar to paper submitters as well - in another
terms of course.

 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt>  

 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt> Thank you so much.

 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt>  

 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt> Best regards,

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 <mailto:carlos.serrao at iscte.pt> Carlos Serrão

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