[Global_education_committee] Repository of WebSecurity Course

Sebastien Gioria sebastien.gioria at owasp.org
Fri Oct 1 08:10:10 EDT 2010

Hi all,

CLUSIF (htttp://www.clusif.fr) have publish a list of available courses in information security (http://www.clusif.asso.fr/fr/production/formations-ssi/) from their members.

It's just an repository and it doesn't endorse anything. It just give visibility and could get some new members.

I think it could be a great idea for OWASP to do the same thing. It could be the first step to make some repository and identification of trainers. 

Is it a [email protected] decision ?or [email protected] decision to do the same thing ?

what do you think ? 


Sebastien GIORIA  - sebastien.gioria at owasp.org
French OWASP Leader
OWASP Global Education Committee Member
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