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Sandra Paiva sandra.paiva at owasp.org
Mon Nov 22 11:28:56 EST 2010

Hi Dinis, Board,


I have been thinking of what would be a productive way to prepare some work
on the OWASP Academies concept that could be used to include and discuss in
the Summit 2011 to be held in February. The communication opened with our
community on this subject has generated awareness and very interesting
feedback from OWASP members who have, one way or the other, already
established links with different universities through which are already
including OWASP contents in the courses they are teaching or in the work
they are doing with the academic departments with whom they are involved.


On the other hand, we have also on this occasion been contacted by members
of two Universities (Oklahoma State University, US, and ISCTE, Portugal)
stating their Institution’s interest in establishing a relationship with
OWASP and asking, for example, in what terms this relation might be possible
and what benefits would arise for both parts.  


I think one way to turn this feedback and interest into something positive
and constructive would be to sit these people at a table and discuss
experiences, views and ideas for the OWASP Academies operational model.
Knowing, for example, how the already established connections with
Universities were started and how they are working, what would seem to these
partners the most reasonable “next step” in terms of formalization or
knowing what, from the Universities’ point of view, would be an interesting
model of relationship, could be of great use for our own definition and
consolidation of the OWASP Academies concept.


Having this into account, I thought, and have discussed it with Dinis, that
it would be interesting to organize a meeting in Lisbon – for mid-January –
with a mixed format that could fulfill different objectives. The idea would
be to have two days of working sessions focused on the OWASP Academies where
the operational model could be discussed and drafted. On the third day, and
given that a number of experienced OWASP members would be in Lisbon, we
would organize an OWASP Training Day that would help us keeping the media
attention on our Organization in the period that precedes the Summit,
reinforce the activity of the Local Chapter and maximize the resources
allocated. Should we go ahead with this plan, you are all obviously invited
to participate.


With regard to the list of people to invite, and although I have a few names
in mind (the ones who gave me feedback and showed interest in participating,
for example), I fear that I may be missing valuable people whom, either
because of the fact that I am new in the OWASP family or because are at the
moment too busy to step forward, were not able to reply to the challenge


I therefore, was thinking of sending another email round to see if anyone
else comes up. Furthermore, and even though we have to consider at a later
stage the limitations of the budget available for this, it would be great if
you could give me some insight or through some of the names you think cannot
be left aside in this discussion.


In the meantime, this is the list of names that I had preliminary in mind
(again, please feel free to let me know your thoughts)


-        Martin Knobloch (Netherlands) – Chair of the Global Education

-        Kuai Hinjosa (USA) – Chair of the Global Education Committee.

-        Andrew Petukov – Member of the Russia Local Chapter and OWASP
Project Leader. As a Teacher in the Moscow State University has developed
several courses and workshops where OWASP contents have been and are still
being used.

-        Konstantinos Papapanagiotou - Member of the Greece Local Chapter.
As a Lecturer of the Department of Informatics of the University of Athens
has included content from several OWASP projects in the modules of
Information Systems Security. Has several contacts with other Greek
universities and intends to replicate this model.

-        Vasileos Vlachos – Member of the Greece Local Chapter. As a teacher
at the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa uses content from
different OWASP projects within the modules he teaches. Will teach, with
Konstantinos P., an Application Security module at the University of Piraeus
for this semester, which will be mainly based on OWASP material.

-        Jim Burkman – Assistant Professor at the Oklahoma State University.
Has contacted us stating the interest of his University in establishing a
relationship with OWASP and asking in what terms that relationship could be

-        Lieven Desmet – Member of the Belgium Local Chapter. As a teacher
at the University of Louven uses OWASP content in his materials. Actively
participated in OWASP Training initiatives assuming the role of bridge
between OWASP and the University of Louven.

-        Fred Piper – Information Security Group, Royal Holloway University.
Has been very close to OWASP and could be interested in taking the already
established connection with us to the next level.

-        Andreas Fuchsberger – Information Security Group, Royal Holloway
University. Has been very close to OWASP and could be interested in taking
the already established connection with us to the next level.

-        Matteo Meucci – Leader of the Testing Guide Project and one of
OWASP’s most active trainers within the context of the OWASP Training
(delivered by OWASP members, on OWASP contents and free for OWASP members).

-        Colin Watson – Member of the Global Industry Committee. Has
established strong connections with different partners in the Industry which
may be a very valuable aspect for an University. Colin is also one of the
most active trainers within the context of the OWASP Training.

-        Andreas Falkenberg – OWASP member and employee of the University of
Bochum (Germany). Getting ready to lead an OWASP Project out of the

-        Carlos Serrão – Leader of the Portuguese Chapter and Professor at
ISCTE. Has showed interest in working with OWASP in the design of a
post-graduated course in the WebAppSec area.

-        Paulo Coimbra – OWASP Project Manager.

-        OWASP Board 


I am looking forward to having your thoughts!


Best regards,




Sandra Paiva

 <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> OWASP Training Manager


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