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dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Thu May 13 17:10:44 EDT 2010

PT crowd and OWASP GEC (Global Education Committee)

Can we sync up on where we are with the idea of "OWASP Academy" that was
kick-started on the metting with the Portuguese Government Agency UMIC? I
would like to make sure that all relevant parties are up-to-date and we are
working together to make this happen.

If anybody has no idea what we mean by "OWASP Academy" now is a good time to
ask :)

I really like this idea, since it is a natural progression to the OWASP
"chapter-lead" training courses we are current trying to develop, and it
(the "Academy" concept/model) solves a LOT of problems related to the use of
OWASP materials by independent training organisations (public/private
Universities, public Professional schools, training companies, etc..)

As I mentioned in the email I just CCed you on:

"...Finally, in order to start also enabling the the next level of these
OWASP Chapter trainings (i.e. the idea of the "OWASP Academies") we will
need to beef up the OWASP Central logistical team (with budget for
resources, travel and material creation), which as I mentioned in the last
Board Meeting should be soon presented for vote...."*
... I think this project really needs some extra resource from OWASP
Central, so let's come up with a plan so that we can take it to board for
approval (next Board meeting is on the 1st week of June)

Dinis Cruz
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