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Good Idea to recruit active members. I will interested in discussing more about Train the trainers and the online assessment portal being replaced with CBT project and the other training initiatives next week.



Nishi Kumar

Global Education Committee

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On May 2, 2010, at 7:33 PM, Nishi Kumar wrote:

Hi Kaui,
Annual report looks good. I was looking at the GEC committee Wiki and Targets had following initiatives:

Train the trainers  
Create an online assessment and training portal   
OWASP Boot Camp Project   
OWASP CTF event 
Speakers Bureau Project
What has happened on these fronts?

Unfortunately, a lot of these just fell through the cracks as some of our members have been inactive. I will let the GEC members leading those initiatives provide a status update other than what was posted on the wiki a while back. With that said, I know some of these initiatives such as the speakers bureau project are pretty much done but have not been advertised, Martin correct me if I am wrong. Furthermore, I can see items like the Train the trainers and the online assessment portal be replaced with the CBT project and the training initiative we have been discussing. 

I want to take this opportunity to ask the inactive members: Mano Paul, Eduardo Neves and Andrzej Targosz to please get back to us and provide an status update for those tasks they have agreed to take the lead on. If we do not get an update in the next month or so we more likely assigned new takers or replace it with another task as it seems to be the case for the online assessment and training portal.

For the current active members I want to propose the following, if you or anyone you know can contribute to these initiatives in anyway please take the lead or send them our way. We need to start "recruiting" people who like us share a passion for application security and do want to volunteer some cycles to make a positive impact in the industry. I understand when we first started this committee we feared to have too many cooks in the kitchen and thereby no getting much accomplished, but this approached did not help us in the long term and I think it is best to have more people who have the cycles to volunteer their time and help us make progress. Thoughts? 

Nishi Kumar
OWASP Global Education Committee

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Subject: [Global_education_committee] Global Education Committee 2009 -2010 Report

I've shared Global Education Committee 2009 -2010 Report
Message from kuai.hinojosa at owasp.org:Hello Team - 

Lorna has been asking our committee to provide a report, She has been asking for ages. So I wrote something in an effort to provide a high level overview of some of our accomplishments and goals for this and last year. Please feel free to edit this document and provide feedback however, keep in mind that Lorna needs this as soon as possible in fact I think she is planning on releasing the news letter early next week.  

I encourage everyone to update the wiki and  
use the SMART model to indicate any new initiative he/she would like to kickstart or be accounted for on such reports.  There seem to be a lot of ideas and good progress all around, let's organize all the thoughts and ideas and keep moving forward.

Thank you all again for the support and the hard work, I am please to see we continue to move forward regardless of all the challenges we face and open and non profit community.

Best Regards,

Kuai Hinojosa
GEC Chair Click to open:

Global Education Committee 2009 -2010 Report
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