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Thanks for your feedback. Seems like a good idea to create a "default" training structure. I have added a zip with OWASP Default Training and included the projects you mentioned.




We have some training sessions which doesn't have power point presentation.

Like we don't have PPT for Development Guide and OWASP DirBuster Project. How should GEC handle this. 


To update Google code with new material each person must have already created a Google Account with that email address. If a specific trainer wants to update the presentation in Google code then they will have to do this step. I was trying to add everybody from GEC team so that they can update the zip but it didn't let me add since they didn't had the google code account. 



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I sort of like the London's training format and I was wondering what everyone thinks about keeping a similar format to create a "default" training structure. Most of the inquiries I have received regarding training have been circled around:

Testing Guide
Development Guide
Code Review Guide
ESAPI Project

These are the projects I get asked about the most in regards to training or presentations.

On May 2, 2010, at 1:25 AM, Nishi Kumar wrote:

Hi All,
I have created the google code site for all the training material. It has one zip for May 28th event and one zip for April 16th event for London training. These zip contains the training material that is linked in the Wiki. Here is the link for Google code site:
I have also linked the google code site to the main training Wiki.
OWASP projects and resources you can use TODAY. All OWASP Training Material can be downloaded from here 
During the GEC meeting we also discussed about creating folder structure in google code but I was not able to figure how to get that feature in Google code. If anybody can help me with that I can add the folders. Please download the two zip and provide your feedback what can be done to improve this.
Nishi Kumar
Global Education Committee

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