[Global_education_committee] Global Education Committee 2009 -2010 Report

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Sun May 2 13:08:06 EDT 2010

I've shared a document with you:

Global Education Committee 2009 -2010 Report

It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at Google Docs. To open this  
document, just click the link above.

Hello Team -

Lorna has been asking our committee to provide a report, She has been  
asking for ages. So I wrote something in an effort to provide a high level  
overview of some of our accomplishments and goals for this and last year.  
Please feel free to edit this document and provide feedback however, keep  
in mind that Lorna needs this as soon as possible in fact I think she is  
planning on releasing the news letter early next week.

I encourage everyone to update the wiki and
use the SMART model to indicate any new initiative he/she would like to  
kickstart or be accounted for on such reports.  There seem to be a lot of  
ideas and good progress all around, let's organize all the thoughts and  
ideas and keep moving forward.

Thank you all again for the support and the hard work, I am please to see  
we continue to move forward regardless of all the challenges we face and  
open and non profit community.

Best Regards,

Kuai Hinojosa
GEC Chair
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