[Global_education_committee] Membership Requirement for Conference Training

Mark Bristow mark.bristow at owasp.org
Mon Jun 7 11:13:41 EDT 2010

GEC and GCC,

Tom Brennan has raised a point that we should require that all trainers at
OWASP events be OWASP corporate members.  There are two schools of thought
here (I'm personally on the fence).  As training crosses both our
committees, I thought I would start a cross-committee debate on the issue.

Requiring corporate membership provides a significant incentive for training
providers to become corporate members.  This would also allow us to "vett"
training providers more thoroughly and create a listing of courses that
OWASP Conference organizers could pull from.

On the other hand, requiring corporate memberships may limit OWASP event
attendees options and have them miss out on some great training
opportunities.  This also might not completely jive with the openness of the
OWASP organization.

Any thoughts, comments, concerns?

Mark Bristow

OWASP Global Conferences Committee Chair - http://is.gd/5MTvF
AppSec DC 2010 Organizer - https://www.appsecdc.org
OWASP DC Chapter Co-Chair - http://is.gd/5MTwu
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