[Global_education_committee] GEC skype meeting, Wednesday 2nd, July

Matt Tesauro mtesauro at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 21:11:33 EDT 2010

I will be able to make this - I've already put it on my calendar.

Thanks for the reminder.

See you on Skype tomorrow.

-- Matt Tesauro
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OWASP Live CD Project Lead
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> Hi GEC-members,
> As last week, only Nishi and myself have been online I wondered what will
> happen?
> We had the possibility suggested to split the group into half, with an US
> and an EU based group.
> Unfortunately, we did not succeed to mange this either.
> So, Nishi suggested  4pm Austin time, what is the time we previously used:
>    4:00 p.m. @ Austin, Texas
>    5:00 p.m. @ New York
>    8:00 p.m. @ Brasil
>   11:00 p.m. @ Netherlands
>    5:00 a.m. @ Singapore (following day)
> Fabio can make it 7pm Ireland time, 3 hours earlier.
> So, who will make it when, hoping of you all have put the meeting in your
> agendas!
> Just reply to the group, really hope to get the GEC moving again.
> For those who have not been able to make it to the meetings or not been able
> to work on the GEC, please see for yourself it this can be changed in the
> future. I really appreciate what you all did for the OWASP GEC in the past.
> I have all understanding if priorities do change, but give others the change
> to join the GEC group if you can't support for whatever reason.
> Of course, I would love to see you still connected and supporting the GEC in
> the future!
> Cheers,
> Martin

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