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Did we get any reply for this?


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I could be here

How to connect ? Telephone Nmber ? Skype ? 


On Feb 22, 2010, at 11:31 AM, Martin Knobloch wrote:

After a glorious start, this committee came to an unfortunate stall and the great plans we had haven't been finalized.
Let's stick all together and take off where we have left!

Everyone know's best himself what promises are made and what is achievable! You know your own agenda best. 
See for yourself if you are able to still participate on the committee. All who are not on the meeting this Wednesday, the 24th, without any reply, will be removed from the committee list. Of course we are thankful for all who have contributed and the effort that has been put in!

Kuai, Fabio and myself have been discussing this. I will clean up the current tasks on the committee page.

For the coming meetings, we will stick to the last Wednesday of each month, 10 pm GMT (London time) 5PM EST. 

Agenda for this meeting:

Short term goals, 2010

Roadshow, setup a paid trainings events through EU and the US.

select trainers
select (available) trainings
setup and evaluation process
creation of a training development kit

presentation template
Long term goals

Increase # academic members
Introduce OWASP material into curriculae
Support Appsec research grants for students
Organise events at universities
Participation in research programs (e.g. advisory boards)
OWASP University educative video podcasts 
Roll out College OWASP Education kit through chapters

Cheers and looking forward seeing you online!

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