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On Feb 17, 2010, at 2:53 AM, Jeff Williams wrote:

> Do you have a written contract when you sign up for a Google email account?  I’d prefer not to have a written contract with every university in France, particularly when the terms are so simple.  The “terms” are not iron-clad contractual agreements, but rather guidelines for ways that you can support OWASP. They are easily changed by coordinating with the local chapter and OWASP Foundation.
It's not exactly a contract they want, but just a sheet for making "official" partnetship.

Well, what i will propose is a sheet with the terms of the academic membership on it and sign by both parts.

 Is it ok for you ? 

> I appreciate the desire to make things legal and binding, but that’s not really the type of relationship we are shooting for.  Even if the university fails to encourage OWASP in any way, I still think we would try to work with them to get the program off the ground.

I'm agree with you.

This is a French typical problem.....We are old mens minds

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