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Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Fri Aug 6 04:14:35 EDT 2010

Dear GEC-member,

After a powerful start, the Global Education Committee had unfortunately
encountered a stall. A while ago we have defined targets we wanted
to achieve as GEC. Those targets haven't been updated for some time. So
please update the wiki with the latest status in case you are the owner of
any of them:


Also, we have changed the meetings to be run every fortnightly Wednesday.
These are going to be 'open' online sessions where anyone could join & leave
between 22:00 and 01:00 (GMT+1 Time) making them more flexible for
everyone. Further details could be found in the invite sent via Google

Finally, as we haven't heard nor seen from some of you in a while we are
going to remove all 'inactive' GEC members and ONLY include those who reply
to this mail or participate in the next meeting. We understand if your are
currently busy and occupied with other things and you can't contribute
anymore with the GEC but we need to keep the ball rolling!

With kind regards,

Martin Knobloch & Kuai Hinojosa
GEC Chairs
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