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kuai hinojosa kuai.hinojosa at owasp.org
Thu Apr 29 08:17:59 EDT 2010

This goes with what we had discuss last week. I think is a good plan,  
did you get the material for the testing guide?

Nishi - Also I checked all the materials of the CBT project and looks  
good. Let's chat more this week about it.

Kuai Hinojosa

On Apr 29, 2010, at 8:04 AM, Nishi Kumar <nishi787 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> In our GEC meeting yesterday Martin, Fabio and I discussed about how  
> we want to organize the training material so that it can be  
> retrieved easily form one location. This is the plan:
> 1. We will create a Google code project for the training material.
> 2. For each training event we will create one directory. In that  
> directory we will organize the material for all the sessions.
> 3. Just to get things started I am volunteering to create the Google  
> code site. Organize the material for the event just happened in  
> London in one folder and the another one coming up in different  
> folder.
> 4. If trainer decides to change/enhance the training material in  
> Wiki then it becomes responsibility of the trainer to update the  
> Google code site with the latest material.
> 5. May be a day before the training event the training organizer  
> downloads all the material from the google code site folder. Creates  
> a zip. Use that to burn the CD. Also uploads the zip to the google  
> code site.
> 6. GEC will provide any support needed.
> This was the initial thought. Team members who were not able to  
> attend the meeting please provide your feedback.
> Thanks
> Nishi Kumar
> OWASP Global Education Committee
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> Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 13:27:26 -0400
> To: global_education_committee at lists.owasp.org
> Subject: Re: [Global_education_committee] Next meeting
> Felicitations!!
> Thanks for letting us know a head of time, let's try to find a time  
> to meet in a couple of weeks.
> Team - I would like to schedule a time to meet with each of you in  
> an effort to get back on track, understand everyone's availability  
> and what each of you want to accomplish being an active member of  
> this committee. It has been very difficult for all of us to meet as  
> a committee. I understand the challenges being in different time  
> zones, having families and  trying to make the time to invest in our  
> community plus make some progress with the goals we had set from the  
> beginning. However, I cannot stress how important our committee is  
> to the community. In fact, many of you signed up for this very  
> reason so let's get back on track and take advantage of all the  
> great opportunities coming our way. Nishi has been doing an  
> excellent job contributing to the training initiative that has been  
> discussed with the London chapter, and other chapters want to follow  
> the same steps therefore it is important we all come together and  
> help deliver what the community needs. Most of the materials are  
> already available in the wiki is just a matter of categorizing and  
> archiving the materials to make it easier for people to download and  
> use. Nishi and I had discussed a few ideas on how to do this and she  
> has already taken the lead putting everything together.  We also  
> need get on track with the OWASP News letter, and send updates to  
> Lorna Alamri the project leader to include in the next news letter.  
> We can include the training program, new universities supporting  
> OWASP, other initiatives circulating at the local level such as NYC/ 
> NJ internship program and so on. We can also include Nishi's project  
> and request feedback and any other items you guys think might be  
> worth mentioning.   We also have a few great conferences coming up,  
> we have the EU conference which we need to support advertising and  
> perhaps see if there is any way we can participate so late at this  
> time. There is also the AppSec USA conference coming up which will  
> be at University of California Irvine. Lots of great opportunities  
> for our committee!
> I will be online tonight and tomorrow evening via Skype, if anyone  
> wants to chat let me know via email and I will ping you my skype ID  
> otherwise please send me a time (EST) and date when we could  
> establish a phone call.
> Hope to hear from all of you soon!!!
> Kuai Hinojosa
> On Apr 26, 2010, at 6:27 PM, Sebastien Gioria wrote:
> Hi all,
> pleas appologies for my non presence for next meeting, my daughter  
> just come to world Monday 26th April at 7pm55. And I will pass the  
> week with the mum and kids with a little bit of connectivity.
> Thanks in advance
> S.
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