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Thanks for the reply Seba. I absolutely agree that this is not an easy 
discussion and I'm sharing it with the rest of the GEC 'gang' :)

here is an idea:

companies pay usd 5000 to become OWASP supporters, however the benefits 
are not 'very tangible' in my opinion... even worse in a recession period.

so, we could offer them an amount of 'X' trainings per year to their 
developers which could be provided by 'endorsed OWASP trainers'

what do you think guys?


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Sorry - for late reply.
Not the first time this question pops up.

Before setting up OWASP trainings towards external organisations, I think 
we need to discuss this in the GEC.

I think we should come to a list of 'endorsed OWASP trainers' with a good 
reputation that re-invest their training experience in OWASP education 
We should also find a way to have organisation that receive OWASP training 
from endorsed trainers to become OWASP supporter, without becoming a 
'commercial' training institute.

not an easy discussion, but if you want we can put this on the GEC mailing 



On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 4:03 PM, <fabio.e.cerullo at aib.ie> wrote:

Hi Kate/Seba, 

I've been asked to provide some web app training (eg. Webgoat/Webscarab) 
externally however I came across two different issues: 

1) Fees: I don't think we could charge fees to company 'X' for providing a 
1-day OWASP related training, right ? However I think we could ask for a 
contribution in terms of traveling/expenses. Would this be appropiate? 

2) Invoices: I don't have any invoices I could provide to this company... 
however I was thinking if it would be possible for OWASP to provide an 
invoice and we split this 'contribution' between OWASP and myself in case 
I decide to go ahead? 

Any comments/thoughts are more than welcome. 

Thank you, 

Fabio Cerullo
Divisional Information Security 
Bankcentre D1, 
Dublin 4,

Tel: +353 1 772 6309
Email: fabio.e.cerullo at aib.ie
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