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Ironically, at AppSec DC, I met a student at a community college who was
finishing up her degree in security.  Her comment was "Why didn't we hear
about you guys?"


In this region, more and more students are attending community colleges
because of the rising cost of a university education.


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As follow-up on the summit discussion, we'd like to change the wording for
the University Supporters as currently mentioned on page


What do you think of the following change:

 "provide meeting space 2x per year and include OWASP in the education
awareness & curriculum to students."  


"Provide meeting space for the local chapter. Be open to discuss including
OWASP education material in the curriculum to students. Provide feedback to
help improve OWASP education material."



That seems fine to me.



I also propose to change the external Accredited link in "Accredited
<http://www.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/index.html>  University Supporters"
to an OWASP wiki page and require that the university should be accredited
by the local government. The current link is US based only.



That also seems fine with me.  However we did have a discussion a while back
about not requiring the institutions to be accredited in order to open up
membership to community colleges.  Anyone interested in opening up
membership to community colleges?






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