[Global_education_committee] mm EduCom

Seba seba at owasp.org
Thu May 7 18:33:10 EDT 2009

action: agree on frequency (at least once per month: every last
Thursday of the Month) + timing regular
23h-24h CET seems a good time slot for everybody

action for all: update the tasks online

Need for guidelines for turning slideware into training material -
Martin is working on that and is going to put a draft online

About training requests: what to do?
idea: create a list of volunteer trainers that perform the training at
cost (to be paid by requestor organisation) + to be proposed in order
of 'evalution score/experience/recommendations'
To be coordinated by EduCom

Brazil is developping a training portal to assess skills: ask the to
submit as SoC09 proposal

Martin to contact the CTF guy from NY to see if he is interested to
submit a SoC09 proposal - "OWASP Challenge Framework"

Lots of university related actions are taking place: we should put these online!
Kuai to update the status?

Seba to compile a first list of suspect key notes (input speaker buro)


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