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hi guys,

could someone please help me as I'm trying to reach someone that could
provide me with some guidelines on how to help an university become an OWASP
member? To make the story short, I've contacted the biggest university in
Buenos Aires, Argentina and introduce OWASP to them with an introductory
mail and powerpoint presentation. I got a response straight away from them
saying that they would like to become an OWASP member/supporter.

The problem I'm having now is that they asked me on how to proceed to become
a member and besides the two requirements stated at the OWASP website I
don;t know what else to tell them/ask them to do:

   - provide meeting space 2x per year and include OWASP in the education
   awareness & curriculum to students.
   - encourage students to apply for OWASP Grants and provide a support

so the BIG question here is:

Is there anything else they need to do? like filling an application form,
providing us more info about the university, etc?

I'm a bit desperate right now as I don't want OWASP to delay a response and
give the University a "bad image".

any help is really appreciated.


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