[Global_education_committee] Next meeting, thursday 30th July

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Wed Jul 29 10:39:38 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I can't attend the meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
I am off to a small vacation (or long weekend, whatever you want to call

What I 've been working on:
the CTF event of will be held in the same way as for the AppSec Euorpe, by
the same guy how did it in Europe as well.

The Hochschule Mannheim, Germany (university) became OWASP member (good
effort of the German Chapter) and we agreed to get in contact in September
(after school hollidays) how we can work together!

Currently I am speaking with the Radboud University of Nijmegen,
Netherlands, about how they can contribute to OWASP (and try making them a

*Education Material:*
*Education project site:*
The current temporary/development version of the education project site, I
will move to the 'production' this weekend.

I created a template for VAC presentations:
VAC, Vulnerability, Attack, Countermeasure*:* The goal is an half hour
in-depth technical presentation about a vulnerability, how it can be
exploited and how to prevent it!

A email about the VAC (the idea, meaning and apeal to creat VAC
presentations) wil be posted to the leaders email groep.
VAC's as special education material to the education site. 3 VAC
presentations are available from previous Dutch chapter meetings and will be

*Boot Camp:*
The apeal to creat boot camp presentations via email (including the created
template) will be send out to the new Project leaders email list.

*Speakers Bureau*
I had not much time to spend on the speakers bureau tasks yet. Tomorrow I
will put a evaluation sheet, we use for the dutch chapter, to the google
documents and share it with you all.
Next to that, course describing documentations as we use at my company.
Please shoot at it when posted ;-)

On small risk, the last week of August, I will attent a skydiving course
with my son. I will get down for sure, hopefully controlled! ;-)

Sorry for tomorrow, talk to all of you soon!

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